Embodied Practices for
Holistic Living

An 8-week online course for all levels of experience

For the city dwellers who long for a more harmonious life through embodied practices and aligning with the cycles of nature. This trauma-informed course takes you on a journey to living a more present, balanced and aligned life, and explores how cyclical living can deepen your connection within and without.


You’ll learn how to cultivate more mental, emotional and physical balance, as well as a stronger connection to yourself and nature's cycles, through a variety of embodied practices, holistic activities and deep reflection into your current lifestyle and well-being.

You will gain an understanding of how these practices can slot into your daily routine to positively affect your nervous system, and how mindfully living through the teachings of nature can deepen your relationship with yourself and the natural world around you (even if you live in the concrete jungle!)

The tools and techniques you will learn are mind-body based activities such as yoga, meditation, breath-work and other embodied practices. This course is not a "Yoga Teacher Training", however each class will end with one or a mixture of the practices just mentioned, which will be aligned with the lessons and topics discussed that day.

Therefore, absolute beginners are welcome as well as those who already have a yoga practice and want to learn how to expand their practice (beyond their yoga mat) to live a more holistic lifestyle.

Each online class is 75-minutes long and runs for 8 weeks.

It is open to a small group of just 6 people, in a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive space.

You will have unlimited access to the entire course for 1 year to encourage you to continue using the tools and techniques throughout all four seasons, and to give you enough time to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

Semicircle of Crystals

When and Where:

  • The online classes will be live via Zoom

  • Every Saturday at 9.30am - 10.45am (UK time), starting 8th October 2022.

  • All dates: 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th October, 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th November.

All classes will be recorded in case you miss a class but because this course is experiential and requires physical participation it is strongly advised to attend all live classes so that we can learn together with the full support of the group, and you can ask questions live should you wish to.


WEEK 1 - 4
Living in balance with yourself

The first half of this course teaches you how to live in harmony with your internal world. It focuses on how to shift from dysregulated to self-regulated i.e. how to move from feeling anxious or stressed to calm, grounded and mindful so that relaxed and joyful can become your normal state of being.


It's all about getting to know yourself and your own cycles, and focuses on creating a deeper connection with your body so that you can better understand what it is telling you on a daily basis, and therefore make clearer, intuitive decisions from a embodied space.

What you'll learn about in the first half of this course:

  • How to hold space for yourself and why it's important

  • How to do an embodied check-in and body scan

  • What mindful awareness is and how to cultivate it

  • The nervous system

  • How to recognise when your nervous system is dysregulated

  • How to shift from dysregulated to self-regulated

  • The window of tolerance

  • Building emotional resilience

  • Bringing more balance to the body and mind

  • Inner alignment

  • How to embody presence

  • Yoga, meditation, breath-work and other embodied practices

Fall Foliage

WEEK 5 - 8
Living in balance with the natural world

The second half of this course focuses on the teachings of nature, predominantly the sun, the moon, and the seasons. You'll learn how the natural world is the perfect example of balanced, cyclical living and how you can integrate these teachings into your life in a practical way to cultivate more harmony and alignment.

  Cyclical living nurtures our relationship with nature and it teaches us how to support the cycles within ourselves to enhance our well-being.

What you'll learn about in the second half of this course:

  • The Sun and the solar plexus chakra (energy center)

  • The circadian rhythm

  • The Divine / Wounded Masculine and the Divine / Wounded Feminine - What they are, how they are represented in nature and how these energies personally manifest for you.

  • The Moon and cyclical living

  • Practices and rituals you can do to work with the New Moon and the Full Moon for intuitive insights, intention setting and to cultivate change

  • Different ways you can align with the lunar cycle

  • Honouring the night

  • The seasons and what they teach us

  • How to adjust your personal practice to align with the seasons

  • How your personal practice impacts the world around you

  • Yoga, meditation, breath-work and other embodied practices



This course costs £222 and includes weekly home practices as well as additional resources to help you integrate the teachings and tools into your daily life with confidence and ease.

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There is a payment plan available for those wanting to pay in 2 installments.

There are concessions spaces available to those on low income, please get in touch for more information.

Places are limited to just 6 people and this course will not be repeated again until 2023. Price will increase in 2023.

Studying at Home

This 8 week journey is led by Sara Benitez - a yoga and meditation teacher from a family of mindfulness practitioners, who has 6 years of teaching experience and many more years of holistic living. To find out more about Sara visit the homepage.