Women-Only Virtual Retreat
Summer Awakening

A sacred space for women to reconnect with themselves.


Satria Yoga with Laarni

Laarni has been teaching and practicing Satria Yoga since 2003. On this retreat she will show us how we can use Satria Yoga postures to generate our internal heat, and fire up the energy within. Her class will focus on developing strength with flexibility, agility, mobility, motion and movement, and help you find the flow within your practice. Be sure to have a bottle of water and a towel nearby as it will be a challenging and fun class for all levels to enjoy!

Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Journalling with Sara

Sara has 5 years of yoga teaching experience, and many more years of being a yoga practitioner & student. Over the last couple years she has incorporated more breathwork (Pranayama) and meditation into her daily practice, which is often accompanied with journalling (especially on Moon Days).

She holds monthly Meditation Circles where the group is guided through meditation and journalling, which has been a wonderful space for people to connect with their inner-self for stillness, clarity and growth.

Her class will help you create a deep connection with your breath, body and mind, so that you can let go of outside noise and explore your inner world in a safe and supportive environment, whilst exploring the theme of Summer Awakening.

Self-Massage Workshop with Ioana

Ioana is a qualified Level 5 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage practitioner. Her workshop aims to invite the burning fire of our nature to come forth, and guide us in our steps to purify and cleanse all that does not serve us anymore. She believes that at the core of our existence is only pure love, and through self-massage we can connect deeply with ourselves, build self-trust, and activate our internal power.

Let the flowers of our own nature blossom and focus on the sacred place where all life starts, the abdomen, the womb space.

Yoga Nidra with Sara

Yoga Nidra is a practice that works with ultimate relaxation and the art of letting go, by lying down and consciously relaxing each part of the body. It allows the body to fall into "yogic sleep", where the body is fully rested and the mind gently observes, giving the nervous system time to heal, repair and refresh.

Sara will guide the group through Yoga Nidra straight after the self-massage, to allow the body to soak up all the benefits of retreat.

The retreat will end with a sharing circle and Q&A for anyone who wants to share.

27th June, 2pm - 6pm bst

On Zoom

Early Bird (until 15th June): £30

Price from 15th June: £35

No previous experience required

Space is limited so that everyone has a chance to share or ask questions, if they wish.

Please get in touch to book your space.

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