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Yoga and Meditation (Vegan) Retreat in Spain

Yoga, guided meditation, vegan food & new friendships in the beautiful sunshine, immersed in nature and surrounded by Andalusian mountains in June 2019.

Location: Finca Al Limon in Andalusia

About 30 minutes drive from Malaga - Costa Del Sol Airport is a beautiful, quiet retreat centre surrounded by nature. Mar, the owner, built the centre with her family over many years and her personal touch really shows in the details around the space. Mar is a lively, bubbly person and fantastic host who provided everything we needed to make the most of our stay. The place itself is stunning and is perfect for retreating away from the noise because it is private, peaceful and away from the city.

Classes: Yoga and Meditation

Inside the villa is a shala which we used for our Green Leaf meditation and Kembangan (a movement/ dance meditation) during the hotter times of the day. However, practicing and teaching in the outdoor shala with the blue sky, sunshine and sound of birds was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Every day there were three classes split between my mother (Laarni) and myself. The classes included Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Satria Conditioning Yoga, Sunset Yin Yoga and various styles of guided meditation to offer each guest a meditation practice that suits them best.

Food: 100% vegan goodness

The wonderful chef Max exceeded our expectations with the food. Every meal was a beautiful vegan buffet made with locally sourced (as much as possible) ingredients. We were also told that Max is a Reiki practitioner and that he did a little Reiki on our food whilst preparing it - thanks Max! ;)

Onsite facilities: Swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, massage yurt

In-between classes you would often find guests enjoying the swimming pool and jacuzzi. We had the pleasure of having our own masseuse, Maddie Mellon, who worked in the massage yurt with most of the guests.

Thank you...

Thank you to everyone who came on this wonderful long weekend trip in Spain. Thank you for all the laughs, tears, interesting conversations and most of all for fully immersing yourselves in your practice. See you on the next retreat! :D

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Nov 03, 2022


I would very much like to experience this. Please can you tell me if there will be another?

warmest wishes


Sara Benitez
Sara Benitez
Nov 10, 2022
Replying to

Hello Annette,

Thank you for commenting! I have sent you an email about this :)

Best Wishes,


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