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Preparing your Mind, Body and Soul for Autumn (incl. Grouding Yoga Poses Video)

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Insights for this month, how to prevent burnout, live in better alignment and with more awareness, grounding yoga poses, and preparing for autumn!

We are connected to the Earth's seasons and cycles, although you may not feel so connected if you live in the city... But don't worry because there are still ways you can tune in, connect and prepare for this new season! Keep reading to find out how.

The Come Down from Summer to Autumn

To me, autumn feels like a "transitional" season, a time to clear out what we don't need and make space for slowing down before we land in winter.

It's a great time to pause and notice all of the things we are grateful for from spring and summer, and to start planting seeds (goals, new routines and structures) before the shorter days and longer nights of winter swings by.

It's also Virgo season right now! Virgo brings themes of organisation, planning and creating solid foundations, so it really is the perfect time to start thinking about how you want the next few months to look like (continue reading for journal exercises below to help with this).

It's important to steady ourselves during this time. It can be tempting to carry on living with the buzzing pace of summer but just like everything else in nature we too need to have periods of ease and rest - otherwise we burnout!

Preventing Burnout

If you honour the come down, lay the foundations for the internal work, create the necessary structures and routines now, you can prevent burning yourself out and avoid feeling "forced" to rest in winter.

Winter is around December to February, and this time of year can feel very demanding for most of us - Christmas events, New Year parties, thinking up new goals and trying to start new routines... But doesn't it feel like it requires a lot more effort when it's cold and dark, the body tends to want longer rest periods, more time to recuperate with the earlier nights and shorter mornings. And if you think about it, New Years day is right in the middle of winter... wouldn't it be wiser to plant your seeds now so that they are strong and rooted by winter, thriving and growing by spring?

So let's get thinking about how you can start putting the breaks on now and enjoy the come down!

Creating Space

Remember that one of the first steps is to create space. This means starting to clear away what you don't need in order to make space for whatever it is you are calling in or working towards. This could mean getting rid of items that are cluttering your home, limiting things that are taking up too much unnecessary time, decreasing your to-do list (especially if you feel overwhelmed right now).

Clearing and Cleansing

Kind of like a "spring clean" but for autumn, start getting rid of the cobwebs. These might be actual cobwebs and dust, or metaphorical. Making sure that your mind and body feel clean and spacious is just as important, if not more, as your house being clean and tidy.

A great way to clear and cleanse your body is to practice Yoga (see 3 Grounding Practices - Yoga Poses below!)

Now is a great time to start (or get back on track with) mindfulness, self-awareness, self-care, or spiritual routines. As well as healthier, more intuitive eating habits, getting enough sleep, or starting a new exercise programme.

Small Steps and Consistency

Remember that small, consistent steps are often the best way forward when working towards new goals.

Lay the foundations during autumn so that they are strong and stable in winter (when you might be feeling less motivated to start new things). And so that when spring comes around again you can build on these sturdy foundations.

Let's Plan! Journal Prompts / Things to Think About

Think about where you want to be in spring - how do you want life to look like and feel like then? Or if that's too far ahead, how do you want this month to go?

Grab your journal or simply reflect on these questions below:

  • Are you fully living in alignment with your true self, purpose, goals, aims?

  • If no, what aspects of yourself could be more balanced? Perhaps physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, work-life, home-life, social-life, sleeping patterns?

  • What's one thing you can do this month to bring more balance?

  • What's one thing you can do this week to bring more balance?

  • What's one thing you can do today to bring more balance?

3 Simple Grounding Practices - Yoga Poses

I posted this video on Instagram in February this year but I thought I'd include it here as it can help with grounding the body and mind during autumn.

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